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How to find good DevOps prospects?|IT Outsourcing Company ★ IT Svit

Software application is eating this world alive, and in 2020 it is even truer than back in 2011 when Marc Andreessen published his famous NYT essay. Unless you are a pizza home around the corner, your service needs to run some facilities and interact with customers and specialists online utilizing some apps (btw, Domino’s and Pizza Hut both have substantial and ultra-modern facilities in the cloud).

Thus stated, to stay competitive nowadays, every organization has to get to DevOps knowledge in order to handle their infrastructures cost-efficiently, and most services attempt to employ DevOps engineers internal. The effective implementation of tasks requires a high level of proficiency, so the question is– how to discover great DevOps prospects?

The fundamental problem with this endeavor is that there is no other way to tell if a DevOps engineer is proficient at the interview unless you already have your own DevOps expertise at hand. The reason for this is that DevOps is not a set of rules carved in rock, which can be found out by anyone and still be the exact same, just like a periodical table of chemical elements. DevOps is a set of finest practices of facilities management, ethos and culture of partnership, rather a long list of DevOps tools and much, a lot more. This means that there might be a range of talents with a wide variety of abilities and chosen tools, who will all appear to have the qualities you seek.

Hence said, how do you examine a candidate for a job that might bring your business a fortune or cost you dearly? IT Svit answers this concern based upon our 5+ years of experience with supplying Managed DevOps Services to organizations and organizations of all sizes worldwide. Keep checking out to learn how to discover excellent DevOps prospects if you don’t have DevOps experience yourself.

DevOps bootcamp: why usage DevOps at all?

Let’ start by busting some misconceptions about DevOps processes to give you a solid understanding of what it is and what it isn’t. There is a huge number of DevOps meanings, due to the truth that all the authors define DevOps based on their experience. This indicates everyone has their own pretenses that differ from each other rather strongly.

DevOps is a culture of cooperation and communication between Devs, QA engineers and system (Operations) engineers, utilized to reduce the dangers of software application delivery and enhance infrastructure efficiency. To say it even shorter– DevOps has to do with sharing the objectives and the threats to move new code into production quicker.

Why is it so and what do we indicate by sharing the objectives and the risks? Typically the Devs, the QA and the Ops engineers have actually siloed jobs, objectives and responsibilities– and dangers, if something goes incorrect.

As you can see, the repetitive manual provisioning and configuration of virtual devices is by far the most time- and effort-consuming element of IT operations and among the greatest dangers for all the parties included.

Go into DevOps– the values of cooperation in between system engineers and software developers/QA specialists focused on minimizing the time and effort needed to develop premium code, release it to end-users without threats and run your infrastructure in production without major incidents. Thus said, adopting DevOps workflows will absolutely remain in your finest interests– however how to know if the prospect is undoubtedly an excellent fit for you?

Below is a detailed roadmap to discovering an excellent DevOps candidate.

Working with DevOps: recognize and fill the ability gaps

To employ a great talent you need to know what you desire to get, so you can look for pertinent skills and proficiency. Therefore said, you need to assess the abilities, tools and workflows you already use (as they belong of the reason you need DevOps). For instance, does your business use a team of excellent designers who simply need a great system engineer to automate the code shipment pipeline? Or do you need a proficient system architect able to fix the application Python code on the fly? Or a software engineer that will assist divide your monolith app into microservices and restructure it for scalability? Determine your strengths, this will help you highlight the gaps you need to fill with DevOps skills.

When you have a full list of tools your business uses prior to you, ask yourself an extremely crucial concern: are you sure you are going to utilize them in 2-3 years? For instance, such container management tools as Mesos/Marathon, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes were nearly equal in appeal numerous years ago– and now Mesos is all however forgotten, Swarm is utilized in precious couple of tasks and Kubernetes is the undeniable ruler of the scene.

The very same goes for Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus, ELK and other DevOps tools that are either mainstream currently or are certainly will be basic system parts in the future. Are you already utilizing them, and if not– possibly DevOps improvement is a perfect opportunity to start doing so? Otherwise, you may invest huge time and cash to just learn Maven, Rancher, Chef and Icinga are not required by anyone in 3 years approximately.

However, it is likewise important to remember that the tools are utilized to accomplish some objective, and a person should want to attain it in order to use the right tools and do it correctly. The tools we utilize can be changed and new tools mastered– if the objective is. Your prospect must be enthusiastic about constant integration and shipment of code, continuously enhancing the facilities efficiency and performance of operations, not about utilizing Puppet or Jenkins or any other tool.

Look for proficiencies, work experience and proper mindsets, not for specific tool names. Otherwise, you can miss out on a fantastic fit because they did not have Terraform in their resume. While the tooling a candidate might note is not that basics, he/she should be familiar with a broad variety of tools used at numerous phases of your IT operations. We offer a list of vital DevOps proficiencies and tools that can be used to implement them.

Methods Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Continuous Shipment, Continuous Integration, Microservices, Test-driven advancement (TDD), Facilities as Code, etc
Scripting Languages Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, etc
Infrastructure Automation Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Puppet, Chef etc
Source code management Git, GitHub, GitLab, etc
Cloud Providers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack, etc
Container Orchestration Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Nomad, etc
Containers LXD, Docker, etc
Task Management Jira, Trello, Asana, YouTrack, Redmine, etc
Constant Combination and Constant Delivery Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, CircleCI, etc
Testing Selenium, Codeception, etc
Monitoring Prometheus, Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Splunk, ELK Stack, Google Stackdriver, AWS CloudWatch, etc

Once you have a list of competencies you want your DevOps engineer(s) to possess, you can begin keeping track of the job websites, LinkedIn and other sources for the prospects with a suitable capability. Skills alone will not get the task done, and the best way to evaluate a prospect is to provide him/her a test job comparable to the one they will be dealing with while working for your business.

Working with a DevOps engineer: let them reveal what they can do

Naturally, a DevOps engineer must also have the very same set of individual skills and qualities as any other professional you use:

How to examine this? We suggest that the very best method to do it is by giving a candidate a task he/she should achieve to their preference and at their own rate (but before some due date). This means that after having a technical call to assess the basic background and attitude of a prospect, you require to give them a job comparable to the work they will be providing for you and let them accomplish the outcome the way they want. Examining the results of this job will reveal you if the candidate can the following:

As an example, here is a task some marketing business provides to their DevOps prospects:

Get this easy Flask app up and running on a Vagrant VM using your known finest DevOps practices along with the directions in the guidelines below. You need to use Ansible as your provisioner to install and set up whatever. When you’re done, we must be able to type vagrant up and our app will be running and reachable on HTTP port 80 at and


Compose your ansible code and design templates in your own personal repo and when total, send to us the contents in a zip or tarball.

You may stick to the default Vagrant image (precise64) or utilize another chosen taste of Linux.

We’ll examine the submission in terms of simpleness, code quality, and the use of best practices of the provisioning code. Do not hesitate to be innovative and take liberties where you feel it will improve the deliverable!

Analyzing the deliverables will help you assess if the prospect was able to follow the guidelines if he/she recognizes with all the tools and finest practices used by your company, the level of quality of the resulting option, etc. By comparing the results of the technical interviews with the quality of test tasks delivered, you will have the ability to make a quite excellent impression of the applicant and ensure you discover great DevOps candidates. For circumstances, take a close appearance at the following points:

Most importantly, you will be able to supply constructive feedback based upon the job requirements and make a knowledgeable choice regarding your possible new DevOps engineer.

Conclusions: it’s tough to find great DevOps prospects, but it can be done

You may have seen that we pointed out that not all companies opt for working with a DevOps talent in-house. As one of the world-leading Managed DevOps Provider service providers, IT Svit has adequate experience with helping various business enable DevOps best practices for their jobs and operations. If you don’t wish to invest much effort on finding, talking to and examining several DevOps prospects– you can merely contact IT Svit and our skilled DevOps group will manage your jobs and achieve your organization objectives!

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