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5 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer IT Outsourcing

There are several major support functions in a business such as support, security, strategy and information technology, but, many small or mid-size businesses neglect them as a critical business component. The only reason behind that is its high cost and maintenance of IT department. The growing market of IT outsourcing, however, has filled the gap

Miami-based Kaseya a key player in IT outsourcing for small- and mid-sized businesses

In the expanding market of information technology outsourcing, Miami-based Kaseya is a key player. Through its clients — companies that sell outsourced IT services to thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses in the U.S. and overseas — Kaseya provides specially designed software tools that allow remote monitoring and management of computer systems, cloud management and

Experts: Breach at IT Outsourcing Giant Wipro

Indian information technology (IT) outsourcing and consulting giant Wipro Ltd. [NYSE:WIT] is investigating reports that its own IT systems have been hacked and are being used to launch attacks against some of the company’s customers, multiple sources tell KrebsOnSecurity. Wipro has refused to respond to questions about the alleged incident. Earlier this month, KrebsOnSecurity heard independently

What is Email Encryption? – Aldridge | IT Outsourcing

It’s no secret that email is the No. 1 business communication tool. In fact, the average American worker spends more than three hours per day checking emails. However, email is one of the internet’s least secure communication tools. Despite this, nearly 281 billions emails are sent every day, traveling through cyberspace unprotected and vulnerable to