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Month: February 2020

IT outsourcing not a simple sell for tTech – Seeks to Guyana for fresh market

Infotech provider tTech Limited is wanting to grow its business by encouraging more small, medium, and large companies in Jamaica and overseas to concentrate on running their operations, while turning over the advancement and management of their IT infrastructure, including voice, data and computer systems, to them. From this kind of work in which tTech

IT outsourcing patterns 2020 in numbers

In 2019, the IT outsourcing market deserved, which is 7 billion more than the year before that. The market is growing at an astounding rate, permeating new industries and pressing digitalization patterns. Numbers can inform us a lot about existing and future IT contracting out patterns 2020– and Syndicode’s experience validates the tendencies. This year,

Cost-cutting and digital transformation spur increased European IT outsourcing in 2019

Investing on IT contracting out in Europe increased by 10% last year compared to 2018 as an outcome of organisations’ need to minimize costs while continuing to transform digitally. Financial investment in both conventional IT outsourcing and as-a-service contracts in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) area saw substantial increases in costs, according to