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Osinbajo to declare IT contracting out conference open

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is anticipated to spearhead efforts by stakeholders to take advantage of the potential of contracting out for task and wealth creation.A statement released by the National Association of Information Technology-Enabled Outsourcing Business in Abuja said Osinbajo would declare open a three-day international outsourcing conference holding in Abuja next week.The Chairman of NAITEOC, Mr. David Onu, said stakeholders would be concentrating on outsourcing as a catalyst for change, economic development, and task and wealth creation.Onu stated,”The

Service Process Outsourcing/Knowledge Process Contracting out industry is an emerging sector that represents $1bn annual market chance for Nigeria with a clear potential to produce a minimum of 2 million direct and indirect demand-driven and sustainable tasks in Nigeria within the next three years duplicating what has been accomplished in such countries as India, the Philippines and most recently, Egypt.

“The organisation seeks to promote and place Nigeria as an alternative BPO/KPO destination of choice to business the world over seeking to contract out such back-end operations as contact centre operations, software development, data management services and so on to competitive alternative locations around the globe.”

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