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Sweden puts government IT contracting out under increased examination

to IBM in the Czech Republic back in 2015. In July 2017,it was discovered that correct security clearance checks had actually not been performed, exposing driving licence information and details about

all cars in Sweden– consisting of police and military lorries– to foreign IT workers without the necessary security clearance.It was likewise exposed that the Transport Firm had actually outsourced firewall software and network maintenance to a company in Serbia, possibly additional exposing the data.Sweden’s minister of justice and home affairs, Morgan Johansson, referenced the Transport Agency event

in a speech in January requiring a modification of technique in outsourcing IT systems to personal specialists. He stated there was too much emphasis on outsourcing, and that sensitive information required greater security. This is where the brand-new rules come in.Peter Hansen, operations and info security specialist at Capgemini Sweden, believes the policy is a step in the best instructions, especially where IT outsourcing impacts sensitive data on a national scale. “This is quality assurance of the requirements

which should be fulfilled by service providers and should, if anything, make it clearer and simpler to specify the options suggested by the vendors, from a technical as well as a non-technical element,” he informed Computer Weekly.”As long as the Swedish Security Police and Swedish Army get the additional resources they request, this should not impact the overall [IT outsourcing] timeline substantially.”


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