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IT Outsourcing Services for Corporates and SMEs

SMEs and corporate can benefit by outsourcing their operations to third parties. Third parties manage their operations against some charges. Companies can outsource multiple operations and business functions like recruitment, payroll, IT, data entry and documents handling. Among all, IT outsourcing is getting trendy day by day. IT outsourcing services are being provided by many firms, both onshore and offshore.

Why opting for IT outsourcing services?

There could be multiple reasons due to which an organization decides to outsource its IT department to third party service providers. Some of the reasons are:

  1. By outsourcing your IT department, you can regain your focus on your core business functionality. You can stay oriented towards your business goals and strategy. IT outsourcing services can release the pressure.
  2. By taking benefit of IT outsourcing services, you can enjoy the access to new technology standards which will bring ultimate excellence in your business functions.
  3. You gain the superior level of service quality by speeding up your operations and introducing advancements.

Which IT activities or operations to outsource?

There are many IT activities, core and non-core, which companies can consider while outsourcing. A few are listed below:

  1. IT service desk and support
  2. IT maintenance / Systems maintenance
  3. Company’s digital presence in the form of website (Design, Development, Maintenance, Data entry)
  4. Company’s social presence (Configuration, handling, marketing)
  5. Security, Backup and Recovery
  6. Infrastructure support
  7. Applications development and deployment

How to get started?

Once you have made up your mind to outsource, it’s time to select the third party. Whom should you select for IT outsourcing services? Onshore or Offshore? You will find the right answer by doing some research. Develop your organizational business cases. Identify your minimum and maximum budget. Approach some renowned BPO service providers like Ovex technologies, IBM, Infosys, Dell and cognizant. Get their quotes, compare them, make quality checks, align quotes with your budgets and select the one who tops the rank list.

While considering any off shore organization, you must keep in mind your business needs. If your business needs bound you to have regular meetings by physically visiting the place, drop the idea of offshore outsourcing. If there are some language or custom issues, think twice before outsourcing.


In this high paced world of technology, you cannot rely on the outdated, depleted or obsolete systems. You need to incorporate technological advancements if you want to survive in the market. To excel on a rapid pace, you need to step ahead of this growing IT industry. If you find your organizational performance lacking behind the set target performance, you should seriously think about an outsourcing solution provider.

If you are looking for any reliable BPO solution provider for IT or any other business function, you can write in the comments section. We will assist you further.

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