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7 Reasons IT Outsourcing to Ukraine Could Be Risky

Business around the globe significantly rely on Europe for IT development. Low cost, high quality, and fast turn-around lure tech start-ups and mega tech companies alike. For a number of them, contracting out to Ukraine has actually ended up being the de facto strategy for product R&D.

And for good reason.

Ukraine rightfully boasts as one of the very best tech talent pools worldwide. You can discover lower-cost developers in India, and greater priced ones in the U.S., but much better programmers are uncommon as hen’s teeth.

But while Ukraine IT outsourcing offers innovators and financiers some indisputable advantages, comprehending the associated risks is needed to identify if Ukraine advancement is ideal for your company. 7 Dangers of Outsourcing IT Work to Ukraine

In this short article, we look at 7 of the best threats you require to think about when hiring Ukrainian offshore designers.

1. Continued Corruption

One of the leading threats when doing organisation in Ukraine is encountering corruption as you seek to create an organisation relationship within the country.

How big is the issue? In February of 2018, Transparency International ranked Ukraine on par with Iran for corruption, bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, and scams.

The reluctance of the government to prosecute top-level corruption has driven countless citizens to the streets, and frustrated efforts to bring in foreign business. The swarming invasion of corruption within nearly every level of government poses risks to outside company partners that can not be overstated. Numerous Ukrainian IT business provide more than coding; numerous likewise offer offshore designs that permit you to ultimately establish legal ownership of your R&D operation. As you progress from employing a group of rent-a-coders to owning the laboratory, you will inevitably need to deal with guidelines that impact organisations of all types, and service ownership by foreign entities in specific. The policies are murky at best, however if the officials you deal with are corrupt, you can discover yourself knotted in an endless web of red tape, which can just be dealt with by paying officials a series of “unofficial” payments. Worse, failure of authorities to complete required paperwork can endanger your capability to operate your group.

Simply this year, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the formation of a long-awaited unique court to judge corruption cases. Specially-selected judges will be empowered to bring justice where there has actually been none. The corruption court is being set up in reaction to the IMF loan agreement, with hopes that it will path out and prosecute misaligned officials, despite their position or impact.

2. Military Dispute With Russia

The way Ukraine sees it, the country is at war with Russia, and has been since Russia made military incursions into Ukrainian territory in 2014. If you think the main Russian position, the “war” is merely a dispute between “2 fraternal individuals”– a civil war, if you will.

In any case, there are tanks, snipers, morters, a fight zone, and casualties on both sides. Although the war, or whatever you picked to call it, is generally limited to a border region of Crimea, it is bad for business.

The risk to your offshore IT strategy might not be significant, however you never understand how these things will turn out. For now, a ferocious action by the Ukrainian people, with limited assistance from the U.S., has kept the Russians at bay. There is no assurance that Vladimir Putin will not require a larger conflict next year, or next week.

It is not the present threat of the dispute that must worry you. It is the potential for a future escalation that you need to think about in the long term. Such growth– ever how not likely– could quickly alter the entire economic environment. Which would be a video game changer if your entire R&D operation depends upon the region’s economy.

3. Weak Enforcement of Intellectual Home Rights

Just last year, the Office of the U.S. Trade Agent (USTR) released a report in which Ukraine was put on a Top priority Watch List since of continued violations of intellectual property rights. The report follows a long history of violations noted by worried parties both foreign and domestic. To be sure, the issue is nowhere near as bad as what you would experience within India, however it deserves keeping in mind.

Types of infractions range from failure of authorities to impose payment of royalties to straight-out illegal usage of software by government officials.

Despite guarantees and efforts towards reform, Ukraine remains a risky environment in which to establish intellectual residential or commercial properties such as software application. The best defense to prevent mistakes is to employ a trustworthy R&D company, and there are numerous. However, if your proprietary code falls under the incorrect hands, you can expect little assistance from the authorities in resolving the circumstance.

4. Uncertain Economy

Amidst war and rampant corruption, Ukraine handled to grow its GDP to 3.3% in 2018, pressing exports beyond $130 billion. Companies and banks that were formerly at a loss started turning a revenue. And the nation’s PFTS Stock market ranks among the leading carrying out exchanges worldwide. Still, there are concerns that can impact IT exports and trade as a whole.

The seeming economic development delighted in by businesses and the populus in basic did not come without strings connected. Actually, good as it might seem, financial development has been far from natural. With all due respect to the effort done by the Ukrainians, the road toward economic development has actually been paved by mass infusions of money by foreign business, governments, and global organizations.

A new $ 3.9 billion loan from the IMF, and a $ 750 billion loan assurance from the World Bank, represent global efforts to float Ukraine’s economy until it can swim on its own. The result is fresh money to keep Ukraine on its charted course, given that a lot of in the global neighborhood see no benefit to the world economy if Ukraine fails.

The cost of outdoors assistance is a hefty expense that must be paid back. Whether the country can pay on its debt and continue toward an economy that is stable in the long term is the concern. Financiers certainly believe they can, but it’s not happened yet.

Picking to anchor your bread-and-butter tasks in a country that is undoubtedly obtaining its escape of debt is danger. Specifically if your long-term practicality depends on the long-lasting stability and growth of your R&D program’s host nation.

5. Hidden Costs

Among the top issues of IT outsourcing in Ukraine is the risk of covert cost. Knowing what to look for can help in reducing the threat of discussing budget. Reducing your risk starts with picking the proper outsource design. Variable rate, fixed rate, and cost plus are but a few of the numerous options offered. You must carefully select the prices design that best suits your project. Choose the incorrect one, or stop working to check out the fine print, and you might be bound to a bigger R&D expense that you expected.

Depending on who your contacts remain in Ukraine, corruption can result in other concealed cost in regards to “charges” required by local authorities. Your outsource companies ought to safeguard you from the majority of such concerns, but when you are doing organisation in Ukraine, anticipate surprises.

Finally, do not ignore the unexpected cost of doing organisation with a team whose main language is not English. To be fair, a high percentage of the population speaks English, with an even greater percentage of performance among IT experts. Still, for some business, there is no replacement for native English speakers on intricate IT jobs to prevent pricey misunderstandings.

6. Time Distinction

One of the top selling points promoted by Ukrainian developers is that the region is roughly < a href =" "target=" _ blank "rel= "nofollow"> 7 hours ahead of the U.S., 1 hour ahead of Eastern-most Europe.

That’s also a bad thing. While it is real that Ukrainian designers really deal with tasks nearly a complete workday ahead of their U.S. customers, the impact on jobs is not always positive. By the time you evaluate how your job is progressing, the store is already getting all set to close up for the day. If you want modifications, you might need to wait another full day to see them executed. Basically, your development team stays a day ahead of you in development, and a day behind you in getting change requests completed.

But does the time distinction really position danger to your task, or your bottom line? Some say yes. For projects that you anticipate to develop regularly throughout development, the substantial lag can chip away at your project’s development, and your budget plan. Because the hold-ups never end, the effects are cumulative and must be expected when preparing your time-to-market technique.

7. Opaque Regulatory Environment

The level of federal government corruption might be at least on the leading edge of reform. Ukrainian policies on service is an entire other matter. When doing service in Ukraine, the administrative hoops one should jump through can be intimidating to the uninitiated immigrant.

Although working with an advancement group to write your IT software application is not the like starting a business, you need to know that your outsource provider will face all of the difficulties we will point out and more, if they have not currently.

Acquiring business permits, setting up for energies, and paying taxes are amongst the 3 biggest challenges for any company operating in Ukraine. The requirements are quite various than those in the U.S. or Canada, and they are even more limiting toward foreign financiers.

The tax ramifications of employing personnel can be powerful. Your risk are heightened if your outsource model permits you to employ your own people.


Ukraine IT outsourcing makes sense for a growing list of business. But it isn’t for everyone. Loss of control, federal government corruption, and other difficulties present dangers you may not be prepared to take.

For companies not all set to take on these problems, IT development companies in the U.S. and Canada offer a reassuring option. One such business is Technorely. If you want the benefits of moving your R&D out of home, but want to avoid the downsides that includes contracting out to Ukraine, we welcome you to call us today for a complimentary assessment.

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