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The Benefits Of The Romanian IT Outsourcing Infrastructure

When you look at Romania’s economy, culture, educational system and its location in relation to America and Western European nations, it’s clear to see why it’s a popular contracting out area. In recent years, the IT sector in Romania has become progressively visible worldwide.

This article is going to pay closer attention to IT outsourcing in Romania and the numerous benefits this area has more than other countries.

Development and Ideas

In total, Romania has 353 start-ups, 200 of those are in Bucharest, making this the largest start-up hub in the nation. The second-largest in Cluj-Napoca. In 2018, Romania won Finest Fintech Startup and Creator of the Year.

The start-up culture encourages growth in the country. Business owners from abroad come to Romania to make the most of its low expenses and imagination.

Romania’s Labor force

Romania has the highest ratio of IT&C professionals per capita of all the Central and Eastern European nations with over 110,000 workers. There is a greater need for skilled professionals than graduates each year. This brings in workers from other markets to join the IC&T industry, especially in locations that require less technical abilities such as QA, UX, or HR.

Engagement Models

The Engagement models used in Romania use more than just standard coding. Romanian designers are committed to their customers and objective to enhance the customer’s service and help in its development. They will provide the complete IT service from R&D to testing.

  • Incubation: a team inside an outsourcing business is trained and developed before delivering it to the customer. The customer then essentially owns the group and maintains control.
  • Augmentation: this prolonged group normally works on long-lasting projects. It works together with the client’s group with a task supervisor from each team to help in the smooth running.
  • Independent: This is when an entire task is contracted out, finishing the whole development job with the client’s participation.
  • Cost Plus: the designer or the establishing group is paid by the customer with a fixed charge for the outsourcing business. The client has all the control while delighting in overall monetary openness.
  • Custom: a flexible technique that enables for the client to scale the group depending upon the project.
  • On-site Existence: in some scenarios, a client will require the outsourced developer on-site to complete a task.


Romania can be considered happy medium in terms of its prices. It is cheaper than Latin America however more expensive than Asia, yet somewhat cheaper than other Eastern European countries.

Rates Designs

There are two principal pricing designs in Romania, Time and Materials or Fixed prices. Time and Materials is more common as it allows more flexibility. Designers or groups are paid at a per hour rate with customers being billed monthly. Fixed rates are typically used in specific situations where the job is clearly set out and there are not likely to alter.

In Conclusion

Aside from having a comparable culture to Western Europe and the USA, clients can also benefit from the less expensive rates, ultimately saving themselves a good deal of cash. Romania has the ability to offer more competent IT professionals that communicate strongly in English. The nation has flexible engagement designs that attract an excellent range of organisations, both big and little. Romania is proving to be an extremely sensible option for IT outsourcing.

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