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All You Need To Understand About IT Outsourcing To Romania

Romania is an Eastern European nation and has actually belonged to the EU considering that 2007. Since 2017, Romania had a GDP of $211 billion. In order to totally appreciate the capacity of Romania, here are some crucial statistics:

  • It has a population of 19.6 million
  • It has the 18th largest economy in the EU
  • By GDP, it is the 42nd largest economy worldwide
  • There is an annual development rate of 7% (in 2017)
  • Romania’s Internet infrastructure was ranked 5th in the world in 2018

Romania now has over 110,000 IT staff members. This accounts for 20% of the total IT&C workers in Central and Eastern Europe. IN 2017, 6.2% of the GDP was an outcome of the IT sector. This $12.6 billion is a 5.5% increase from the previous year.

This article will offer an introduction of Romania with regard to its place, education, culture, and economy.

Romania’s Place

Its area makes Romania really attractive. There is just a 2-hour time distinction from other European countries, 5 hours from New York and 10 hours from San Francisco. This makes interacting across the time zones much easier. There are regular direct flights to the majority of the significant European capitals and to the United States with a stopover.

International airports remain in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, and Iasi.

The Culture

Romania has a strong history that is still present in its culture today. From back to the Roman Empire as much as the 42 years of communism, all have actually played a part. Romania has strong customs yet follows western values. Cities are contemporary and heavily affected by English because the introduction of English as a topic in schools. As soon as outside of the cities, the rural areas are still rooted in Romanian traditions.

The Economy

Romania has a very strong economy, among the fastest-growing in the EU. This has made the country appealing to foreign investment, especially in the IT&C sector. In 2017, foreign financial investment reached $81.52 billion, 4.1% of that remained in IT&C. Joblessness has been on a stable decrease. In 2016 it was 5.9% and in 2017, 5.3%.

Outsourcing plays an essential function in Romania’s economy. In 2016, 27% of the IC&T profits came from Romanian owned business, whereas 73% came from overseas.


The Education system in Romania does not just produce a multitude of graduates, but it also establishes extremely proficient professionals, which is the strength of the outsourcing industry and more so for IC&T.

Approximately 8,500 IT students finish from 49 public universities and 8 private universities annually. Romania likewise hosted around 27,000 international students. Here is a list of the biggest universities in Romania:

  • Babes-Bolyai University
  • University of Bucharest
  • Polytechnic University of Bucharest
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Polytechnic University of Timisoara
  • Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi
  • University of Bucharest
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
  • West University of Timisoara

It’s not simply the universities that add to the IT Outsourcing industry in Romania. English education permits for enhanced interaction with companies all throughout the world. In 2016, 100% of trainees learned English, ranking the nation 4th in the EU. 82% of trainees discovered French and 13% found out German.

Software application companies provide yearly internships where students can put their understanding into valuable practice. Many individuals likewise retraining themselves or are self-taught.

In Conclusion

The above pointed out are effective contributions to the IT sector in Romania. While the location may just be a convenience, the levels of education are a testimony to the nation. Its dedication to the sciences, maths and even English has moved the nation into the IT industry, making it a crucial gamer in the international market.

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