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IT outsourcing patterns 2020 in numbers

In 2019, the IT outsourcing market deserved, which is 7 billion more than the year before that. The market is growing at an astounding rate, permeating new industries and pressing digitalization patterns. Numbers can inform us a lot about existing and future IT contracting out patterns 2020– and Syndicode’s experience validates the tendencies.

This year, services will concentrate on implementing brand-new innovations to connect with end-users and optimize internal processes. Software application outsourcing provides abilities, lacking in internal experts and permits focusing on higher-priority tasks. Our contracting out projection is based upon our actual experience– and of course, we tossed some numbers into the mix.

What are future patterns in IT outsourcing?

Numbers can tell us a lot about existing and future possibilities of the marketplace, offering business owners valuable insights for their financial investment preparation. Let’s have a look at the future outsourcing patterns and innovations that will be most actively outsourced over the year. We promise, it’s not another theoretical “IT Outsourcing Patterns 2020” report with improbable developments, however a deep outlook of knowledgeable developers– yes, with cases ahead.

Developments in the online shopping experience

By 2021, more than people will be purchasing product or services online. E-commerce possibilities are booming right now, but this spike of interest will drive brand-new brands to the marketplace. Small companies and large corporations alike will increase their efforts in digitalization; users will end up being more knowledgeable and develop new expectations.

Source This will develop a requirement for extreme improvements in the online shopping experience. The most likely prospect for circulation of the field is AI and Maker Learning. Brand names will utilize clever tools to gather insights about their target audience, predict users’ actions and requirements, and reach out to possible consumers on social media.

The takeaway: businesses need to concentrate on developing AI-based chatbots, analytical platforms, and embracing AI into their CRMs and ERPs. The IT outsourcing market grants company owner access to uncommon and globally recognized skills in development, typically unavailable internal.


think that automation provides them with opportunities to focus on more satisfying and imaginative work. Substituting manual labor with algorithms and robotics is no longer considered as a threat but as a possibility.

In 2020, companies will be turning to contract out companies to develop custom CRP, ERPs, performance tracking tools, and group management platforms, in addition to incorporate existing services. We can tell because Syndicode’s group established a lot of automation tools over the last few years. Our team worked on, the platform for order management and delivery,– a customized CRM for a global company of agricultural services, and, a web service that automates financial operations.

The takeaway: utilizing software application outsourcing to power automation helps companies to reduce the number of human errors, boost operational efficiency, track the results, and remove redundant work.


are currently using Agile for their service management, software application advancement, and daily operations. Organisations recognized the worth of flexible job management and strive to utilize these practices in software application development too. Naturally, business will be searching for skilled Agile software development teams that have well-established Agile practices and are prepared to share this expertise with customers.

This might be among our favorite company procedure contracting out trends 2020. Why? At Syndicode, we’ve been concentrated on implementing Nimble practices in our for a while. Our groups are small and versatile, we focus on service top priorities prior to defining practical requirements. Each project is released in numerous interactions with feedback collection after each upgrade. Our developers and testers happily share Nimble management practices with clients, so that companies can sustain these approaches on their own.

The takeaway: Agile advancement will be among leading company procedure outsourcing patterns 2020. Business owners must concentrate on partnering advancement groups that have experience in buildingfrom scratch and share their organizational and management systems.

Mobile-first development

The worldwide mobile population totaled up to 4 billion people in April 2019. In between 2017 and 2022, the rates of mobile users are anticipated to increase 17 times. Mobile users now represent majority of all online traffic, and, likely, desktop traffic might quickly be the minority.

Business will gradually abandon the desktop-first technique and start their digitalization by establishing a mobile app, making a web variation later. Applications like Uber or Snapchat currently wagered on mobile solutions, establishing web versions after the services were well-scaled. Syndicode totally validate these future outsourcing trends– we frequently start the item by developing a mobile client, focusing on smart devices over desktop devices.

Source The takeaway: businesses can no longer be competitive without responsive mobile variations of their site and apps. Users anticipate to see no distinctions in between their desktop and mobile experiences. If you do not have a responsive mobile app or web interface, it’s time to turn to an outsourcing partner who can get you up to speed with contracting out industry trends.

Big data

The big information market is anticipated to grow up to 274.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. It is among the fastest-growing technologies right now, utilized in multiple markets, from health care to home entertainment.

Source The adoption of big information technology permits organisations to collect, store, and analyze huge masses on the information. This information is used to produce clever insights on users’ habits, interests, market patterns, and is used for marketing, software application development, interface style, and interactions with consumers.

The takeaway: big data can track online and offline info by evaluating online interactions and measuring changes in the physical environment with linked sensors. This is why huge data is amongst future outsourcing patterns in lots of markets, from farming to e-commerce. Typically, it’s achieved in the partnership with software application outsourcing teams, because in-house groups lack knowledge of big data development.

Web of Things

In 2020, there will be more than 20.4 billion linked gadgets worldwide, according to Gartner. IoT is utilized to link lots of procedures and workflow simultaneously so that organizations and individuals can keep an eye on their performance, track workload, and accomplish regular jobs. Smart assistants like Alexa and Siri currently showed the global effect of the marketplace of linked gadgets on every day lives.

IoT technologies can be utilized by companies to connect to end clients through their mobile and desktop gadgets; likewise, they can enhance inner procedures by connecting monitoring devices and automation tools. built a tool that connected cash signs up to a digital platform. Store’s business owners and groups get real-time updates on their money circulation, track their incomes, and manage costs.

The takeaway: entrepreneur ought to concentrate on using software application advancement groups with IoT, huge data, and Cloud expertise. Integrating these technologies with outsourcing market trends will enhance the customer experience and enhance the company’s efficiency.

Cloud development

In 2020, 83% of all companies’ workloads will be performed in the Cloud. This suggests companies will be either utilizing third-party computing services like Amazon Web Solutions or Microsoft Azure or establish their personal Clouds. Cloud services will be used for information storage, software application development, company management, tracking, and automation. Now, the innovation interferes with several service areas, from software screening to accounting, and penetrates lots of markets.

Source Syndicode team alone established numerous software-as-as-service tasks that utilize Cloud computing for information storage, transfer, and processing. One of many examples is– a web B2B platform for hotel managers and apartment or condo owners, also adjusted to iOS and Android. Organisation managers receive access to a powerful CRM that keeps track of their revenues, interactions with clients, and business growth. The software application also functions as a market, connecting guests to lodging companies.

The takeaway: will be utilized to develop software-as-a-service, a popular company model that enables delivering digital tools as services, constantly. Business receive earnings not from a one-time purchase however every month. In addition, organisations will rely on software development companies to carry out Cloud calculating to run internal operations, such as automation, information management, software application advancement, and release, etc.

. Syndicode team on IT Outsourcing Trends 2020

In 2020, companies will utilize software application outsourcing to adopt ingenious innovations and get access to tech stacks that aren’t available in the in-house group. Offshore teams will work on high-priority jobs, not simply assisting with mundane maintenance and refactoring.

So, what are future patterns in outsourcing?

Our contracting out projection is that outsourcing teams will be seen not just as dependable assistants but experts with. At Syndicode, we can validate that organisation owners now turn to us, most importantly, for specialist services and high-end advancement abilities. Companies trust offshore developers to work on long-term costly tasks, striving to introduce developments to their market.

If you have a concept for, a, or, and require the team of expert software developers and testers for the execution, you can with Syndicode designers right away. We will take an appearance at your demand and use a combination of innovation and abilities that fits your organisation goals.

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