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AECOM CEO Mike Burke was ‘asked to leave’, alleges expert, over management questions following IBM IT outsourcing

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Mike Burke, CEO of construction firm AECOM, was asked to leave the company, according to a senior inside source at the organisation.

Burke announced strategies to retire from his double position at CEO and chairman of the board of AECOM in November 2019, adding that he would remain in the role until a successor is determined, or till the date of the firm’s next yearly general meeting, arranged for March 2020.

However the inside source, who requested privacy, claimed that Burke was pressed out by other board members, who were unhappy with his management. The source included that Burke was allowed to stay up until March, and has actually been trying to hurry the sale of the company through prior to his departure, as he “stands to make millions”.

AECOM has had a struggling few years, with a ₤ 2.3 billion offer to outsource the firm’s IT to IBM proving particularly troublesome, leading to alleged low staff morale and considerable task delays, according to numerous inside sources who called Computing.

“The IBM relationship has actually been absolutely horrible,” the source told Computing. “I believe there’s a great deal of upset people, which goes all the way up to the CEO. Even at that high level, they’re not delighted,” they added.

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