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IT Outsourcing to Ukraine: 9 Factors Why It’s The Best Choice|Aimpropsoft

If you are reading this post, more than likely, you are aware of the essence of IT outsourcing, its principles, and possible advantages for your company. Hence, we will not evaluate the outsourcing process itself however will look for a method to the best-fit location for it. If you are reading it, most likely, you are thinking about advancement outsourcing in Ukraine but do not have irrefutable arguments to make the last choice.

Thankfully, we have prepared a variety of proven facts and figures from independent resources that speak louder than any advanced words and conducted our own research study to show you a full photo of the contemporary Ukrainian IT landscape. Let’s get it began given that we have lots of topics to cover.

Proving credibility with awards and accomplishments

Why considering this aspect: Awards and accomplishments are those quality validators that can prove the genuine state of the IT landscape of a particular nation. Ukrainian contracting out business have actually constantly been showing the quality of their services through their involvement in many competitors for start-ups and already deep-rooted business.

Information & & Figures:

When the leading 100 IT-service vendors were revealed throughout the annual Outsourcing World Summit held in the U.S.A. in 2018, 18 Ukrainian IT-companies were consisted of in this list. The list itself was formed based upon different requirements, such as evaluations left by the customers, previously received awards and certificates, number of personnel, quality of supplied services, and internal dynamics;

The Ukrainian IT-sector is well-known for its cooperation with mid- and large-sized businesses. The research reveals that more than 100 companies from the Fortune 500 list are clients of Ukrainian software vendors;

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) revealed in 2020 the leading 100 IT-vendors that supply outsourcing services. This top included 13 Ukrainian software application companies and 8 business with their offices in Ukraine.

EEE: Education, Experience, and Competence

Why considering this aspect: The very first significant factor for IT outsourcing to Ukraine is connected to education given that the quality of technical education and the variety of trainees with computer technology degrees affect the competitiveness and advancement of the country’s IT market.

Information & & Figures:

Ukraine is popular for the number of greater instructional organizations (HEI), for example, according to the report performed in 2019, it was estimated that there are 652 HEIs in Ukraine with more than 1.5 million trainees.

The ranking carried out by QS EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings) in 2019 put 3 most popular Ukrainian universities in its top 300 finest universities in developing nations. For example, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, and the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” were consisted of into the list holding 30, 60, and 62 locations accordingly.

Amongst trainees that finish each year, 36,000 acquire technical degrees in IT-related areas. Moreover, the variety of brand-new IT experts is proliferating given that the market is renewed by software engineers not only from greater universities but also from offline accredited IT schools and courses.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the literacy rate in Ukraine is 99,8%, which shows how highly established the population is in regards to education.

< span id=" the_larger_the_professional_pool_the_more_successful_you_search_is" > The bigger the expert pool, the more successful you search is

Why considering this aspect: The look for a reliable IT supplier or a knowledgeable software professional might be a fantastic obstacle nowadays. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market is constantly developing and expanding with brand-new companies and uncommon software application engineers, and such a problem is easily removed.

Facts & & figures:

Software application advancement in Ukraine has actually been acquiring momentum for the previous couple of years. It’s described by the growing number of designers on the marketplace. According to the Tech Environment Guide to Ukraine, there are presently 192,000+ developers in the Ukrainian IT industry.

The statistics likewise reveal that the IT sector keeps expanding by around 26% every year.

Another factor to choose IT outsourcing services in Ukraine is the plethora of diverse programs languages and innovations the country’s software engineers are well-informed in. For example, the current research study carried out by IT Ukraine Association revealed that the most popular programming languages in Ukraine are JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, and Python. Among less popular languages are C++, Ruby, and Go. To have a complete photo of the programming languages ratio on the Ukrainian market, let’s have a look at the diagram below:

According to another remarkable statistical fact, the Ukrainian IT market makes up more than 4,000 tech business. The multi-dimensional scope of advancement firms consist of mid- and large-sized companies, full-cycle development companies and those oriented in specific software application advancement services, such as software application consulting, information analytics, organization intelligence, market forecast, UX/UI style, and so much more.

The growing variety of R&D centers is another useful factor to outsource IT to Ukraine. The research reveals that there are presently 110+ R&D centers operating all over the country. Amongst them, you can discover a huge number of well-known companies who relied on the Ukrainian IT industry and established their centers in Ukraine, such as:

Startups determine the future

Why considering this element: When selecting the best-fit place for the outsource, it’s extremely important to take note of the degree the start-up sector is evolving since it’s a great indicator of IT market progress in the country.

Information & & figures

: Another factor that makes IT outsourcing to Ukraine rather beneficial is that the nation’s IT arena is abundant in the number of startups. A number of them have actually currently proved their popularity abroad. Gitlab was assessed at $2.7 billion, while the total quantity of raised financial investments was about $426 million. Grammarly, another well-known Ukrainian project, was valued by investors at $1 billion, becoming the 2nd Ukrainian startup that reached such a number.

Among other widely-known Ukrainian start-ups, there are numerous other prominent names, such as:

The number of start-ups is not limited to the ones discussed above. These are just a few examples of the most effective and internationally widely known. Overall, the Ukrainian startup sector is constantly establishing and drawing in numerous investors. The research performed in 2018 revealed that the number of Ukrainian startup investments reached $290 million in 2018.

When expert development is whatever

Why considering this element: The advancement of the IT industry in the nation can also be estimated by the number of tech-related events. Most significantly, this aspect shows the instructional and professional growth of IT professionals in the software community.

Facts & & figures:

One of the factors that made IT outsourcing services in Ukraine so useful is that numerous IT-events, conferences, workshops, and hackathons are held in the country each year. Top 10 Ukrainian tech-events impress with various elements, such as a number of attendees, speakers, diversity of areas, etc. The list of the most large-scale IT-events consists of
iForum (13,000 participants in 2019), IT Arena (3,800+ participants in 2019), Games Gathering (3,000+ participants in 2019), Saas Nation (500+ participants in 2019), and numerous others.

Another outstanding Ukrainian tech-event is called Devoxx Ukraine. In 2019, more than 1,000 participants gathered to exchange their understanding about the software application advancement in Ukraine and master new innovations. Every year individuals can increase their professional proficiency by going to numerous sections presented at Devoxx Ukraine, such as Mobile & & IoT, Maker Knowing & & AI, Big Data & Data Mining, Java & JVM, and Containers & DevOps.

Proficiency isn’t restricted only to the development

Why considering this aspect: Smooth communication is the key to a productive cooperation. Hence, if you pick outsourcing software development in Ukraine, you can be sure that any lingual misunderstanding is excluded.

Facts & & figures

: According to the research, nearly 80% of Ukrainian IT-specialists have a high level of efficiency in English, 45% are fluent, 40% have an intermediate level, and the other 15% can easily communicate just within the expert sphere.

Another important aspect is that practically all Ukrainian outsourcing business have regular in-house English classes with certified regional tutors or welcome native speakers to enhance speech practice.

Can the place be favourable?

Why considering this aspect: Being able to examine your IT-vendor not only online but also offline is highly essential when it concerns software development. For that reason, the nation’s area and the time zone play an essential role when choosing the ideal place for outsourcing.

Facts & & figures

: Place is what makes software outsourcing to Ukraine rather lucrative. Since it lies in the heart of Eastern Europe, it takes Ukrainian software application vendors just a couple of hours to visit the customer and discuss the job. The very same rule applies to the customers from Europe that want to check on their vendor.

The time zone in Ukraine is another beneficial element. The country is 1 hour ahead of most of European countries, which implies any associated to the item advancement concerns can be gone over without delays and troubles.

The nation likewise has a practical time difference with the USA, especially with such zones in it as Pacific Time Zone (PST), Mountain Time Zone (MST), Central Time Zone (CST), and Eastern Time Zone (EST). The typical time distinction of Ukraine with these zones is 7-8 hours, which suggests that once the working day in the U.S.A. starts, Ukrainian software application vendors have a specific scope of tasks completed and have actually corresponding reports prepared.

Visa-free outsourcing country sounds like a dream, does not it?

Why considering this element: Even if your software application vendor has a hassle-free place for the project-related visits, the volume of the documents required to get in the country as the visitor is another crucial element to bear in mind. In certain cases, the journey to get a standard visitor visa or tourist visa can be rather made complex and stressful. That’s why it’s extremely essential to consider this aspect while choosing your IT-vendor.

Facts & & figures:

Extra reason that makes outsource advancement to Ukraine quite helpful is its well-known lax visa policy. Citizens that are from the list of visa-exempt nations (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan) can pertain to Ukraine for the indefinite stay. Those residents who hold passports of 60 jurisdictions can remain up to 90 days without a visa for tourism purposes/business journeys. The list includes all European Union nations, the U.S.A., Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and numerous others.

In 2018, Ukraine presented e-visa, which is qualified for citizens from 52 nations, consisting of Australia, New Zealand, China, the Dominican Republic. This kind of visa is rather practical considering that it does not require residents from 52 nations to go to the embassy. On the contrary, they can finish a simple Ukrainian eVisa application online and wait on the approval. As soon as the eVisa is authorized, visitors can remain in Ukraine approximately 30 days from the day of arrival.

Cultural compatibility, progressive policy, and other considerable factors for business

Why considering this element: One of the most considerable elements to think about while picking an outsourcing country are business environment and cultural compatibility. The first element warranties that the nation is constantly establishing its organization and technical sphere and contributes to its growth by adopting innovative ideas and progressive views. The cultural aspect, in turn, straight affects the performance of your communication with the selected software application vendor.

Facts & & figures:

Another factor to select IT contracting out to Ukraine is that the nation lies in the center of Eastern Europe, hence, shares European values and mentality to a big degree. Due to its geographical place and historical scenarios, Ukraine soaked up various cultural elements from various countries in addition to its own heritage. It made the country rather versatile and versatile to the brand-new and progressive changes. All these aspects signify that while selecting contracting out in Ukraine, you get zero troubles in interaction and a common view on product development.

For the previous 5 years, business environment in Ukraine has actually also been subjected to significant positive changes. Various reforms adopted in 2018 reduced regulative on businesses, streamlined tax administration, enhanced assistance of small and medium-sized business, and extremely increased Ukraine’s investment beauty. Recent shifts in the organization arena have led to a rather striking outcome, namely Ukraine held 71st position in the ‘Doing Service’ ranking in 2018, which implies it has gone up 12 positions since 2016.

Comparison table of IT outsourcing in Ukraine with other nations

The thing is that just by comparing and contrasting things, you can find the needed reality. Hence, if all the reasons for outsourcing to Ukraine that are mentioned above seem inadequate, we have prepared a comparative table for you in which we evaluate one of the most popular IT-progressive countries.

Factors to compare Eastern Europe (Ukraine) The USA Western Europe (Germany) The UK
Hourly rate $25-45 $70-120 $55-85 $60-100
Variety of developers 184, 700+ 1, 3 million 837, 000+ 386,900+
International quality ranking by tech skills
  • 8th location in world ranking
  • 91.26 explain of 100
  • 26th location on the planet ranking
  • 84.46 points out of 100
  • 10th location in the world ranking
  • 90.70 points out of 100
  • 17th location on the planet ranking
  • 87.94 points out of 100
Variety of computer science graduates annually 20, 000+ trainees 65, 000+ students 40,000+ trainees 29,925+ students

As you can see, despite being a relatively brand-new nation in the software arena, Ukraine has managed to get ahead of other strong software-oriented competitors. All the elements that are compared were selected based on their importance in regards to outsourcing.

The average cost range was computed considering various parameters, such as the years of experience in software advancement, designer’s level (junior, middle, or senior), and programs language the software application engineer is focused on (Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, etc.).

Although Ukrainian software application engineers cost less than those designers from other nations in the comparative table ($25-45/ hour), it does not impact the quality of the performance. On the contrary, Ukrainian tech experts hold one of the greatest positions in the worldwide ranking, and the nation is thought about among the finest ones for contracting out in a wide variety of world rankings.

What to focus on when selecting a company in Ukraine

Choosing the ideal nation for outsourcing is not a simple job, however picking the right software application vendor is even more difficult. There are a number of criteria that should be considered when searching for the outsourcing business: the supplier’s position on the market, the expertise of the workers, education activities, and evidence of the supplier’s credibility. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Number of years on the market

Always take notice of the variety of years the chosen outsourcing supplier has actually been present on the market. The higher the number, the bigger is the competence in supplying particular software application services. It’s better to decide for an advancement business with at least 5+ years of experience in the IT industry.

It deserves evaluating the software application vendor’s website, specifically the area with completed projects. It needs to have comparable cases to the one you are planning to develop so that you can take a look at the way it was executed, technical choices required to deliver the item, and type of methodology chosen for the particular project. This will help you choose whether the total technique meets your requirements or not.

Pertinent technology

Another vital element is the scope of technology the software vendor is knowledgeable in. The selected business must have profound knowledge in the tech stack that you are preparing to utilize for the development of your item.

Testimonials and acknowledgments

Nothing speaks louder about the supplier’s experience than awards from independent platforms and feedback left by previous clients. While analyzing the business’s page, inspect whether the business supplies the testimonials from its clients. If you can’t find the required information, you can search for it on specific unbiased platforms, Clutch. Awards, in turn, are proof of the supplier’s reliability and the quality of the offered services.

A substantial swimming pool of staff members

When selecting an outsourcing software vendor, it’s highly important to focus on the variety of personnel that operates in the business. A huge swimming pool of workers may be rather valuable in case one of the group members dealing with your project will have to be changed due to some scenarios. The business will easily discover the suitable substitution with needed tech skills to name a few readily available staff members, not causing any disruptions and inconveniences to the project.

Partnership strategy

Smooth interaction with the picked vendor on project-related problems is among the most vital elements to think about. It’s significant to determine the cooperation technique that the picked contracting out business uses to supply the offered services. Such a strategy may include various parameters, particularly, the kind of software used for communication and task management, a method that will be used to deliver your job, working hours, NDA, and lots of others.

Contracting out with Aimprosoft

We have actually examined major factors for outsourcing in Ukraine and the most important aspects to think about while picking a software vendor. Therefore, if you have a concept of building an application or require expert suggestions on software application advancement, we can help you with it. Being on the market for more than 15 years, we managed to complete 500+ tasks and got a track record of a reliable software application supplier.

Our varied expertise accepts web and mobile advancement, quality guarantee, deep UX analysis, creation of responsive interfaces according to the major design principles, and lots of others.

Considering that there is a high demand for highly customized Hybris, Alfresco, and Liferay development, the business began actively getting proficiency in this field. As a result, our specialization extended, and our product development services are now based on these three primary technological pillars.

What foreign clients value is our method to work and an efficient technique of cooperation and interaction. Particularly, we have actually created the system of uninterrupted advancement so that if we can’t resolve any project-related issue with our consumer due to the difference in time zone, we send them the report regarding the problem, and continue with the rest of the jobs requiring efforts on our side (code refactoring, unit tests, and so on).

As you can see, choosing the best nation for outsourcing and a trustworthy vendor that provides customized software application development needs comprehensive research study. We hope this post assisted you form the vision regarding IT outsourcing to Ukraine, and now you can take a shortcut to your dream of producing a successful software.

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