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Leading 5 Industries that Outsource Their Tasks to Ukraine|IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine

Over the last couple of years, Ukraine became the leading outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe. The IT industry of the country is thriving and is anticipated to grow significantly in the coming years. Convenient time zone, lucrative cost and quality ratio, European mindset and work ethics, along with extensive expertise of the designers, are the key factors that draw clients to outsource tasks to Ukraine.

But what are the top industries that outsource their jobs to Ukraine the most? Do these jobs eventually turn out to be effective? Let’s discover out on the example of the top 5 markets: Automotive, Banking and Financing, Telecom, Manufacturing, Software Application & & Hi-Tech

. 1.

Automotive. The most interesting software development jobs outsourced to Ukraine are related to the vehicle market. Simply take a look at all these brand names that trust the knowledge of Ukrainian developers– Daimler Group, KIA, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and many others!

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Ukrainian developers deal with an entire variety of complicated jobs for embedded in-vehicle infotainment systems. These systems include UX/UI with boosted safety, along with the usage of speech recognition and voice assistance technologies designed to create tailored in-car home entertainment platforms. Cars and truck drivers may use applications that are installed on their mobile phones, turn on audio and video playbacks, look for the current news, send voice and text messages, view alerts and make arrangements while they drive. For a chauffeur’s convenience, IVI systems enable blocking unwanted messages or software application updates so that the motorists won’t be distracted.

Another appealing service by Ukrainians is to integrate in-car os under one hood, e.g., Automotive Grade Linux for handling crucial functions and Android OS for the infotainment system. The diverse architecture safeguards important lorry functions such as motorist help from possible crashes and enhances the computing resources of vehicle equipment.

Smart Navigation

Ukrainian designers have solid proficiency in 3D navigation advancement. These cutting-edge navigation options include real-time traffic information and roadway assistance. Such a navigation system provides clever driving notifies about the nearby building points, weather condition reports, and preventative measures that increase the motorist’s security.

In addition, developers in Ukraine stand out at cloud development and effectively carry out cloud innovations into the automotive market. Utilizing Qt, NDS, MirrorLink, C++, and other innovations and programming languages, Ukrainian developers have produced extremely wise vehicle connectivity systems. These systems leverage guidance of chauffeurs by joining smart devices with the vehicles head systems. With such connection option, motorists can see continuously visited paths and get top quality digital maps for their approaching journeys.

Human-Machine User interface is another innovation that is being actively established in Ukraine. The easy to use HMI automobile functions act as car co-pilots and include accurate prototyping, 3-dimensional visualization, and advanced animation, undergoing a full cycle of quality control screening before mass production.

To sum it up, Ukrainian programmers are smart in vehicle technologies, and presently, are associated with producing automotive
innovations in the areas of computer system vision and AR, device knowing and AI, autonomous driving and ADAS, blockchain, and others.

2. Banking and Financing.

A substantial part of tasks contracted out to Ukraine is aimed at the improvement of the banking and finance industry. The scope of financial app advancement that is contracted out to Ukraine consists of software application for capital markets, investment banking, wealth management, asset management, treasury, and product trading. Ukrainian software designers develop a large range of options for core banking services along with digitize monetary services with technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud.

The most notable monetary institutions that outsource their advancement jobs to Ukraine are Barclays, Nordea, Murex, Australian Financial Investment Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

Digital Banking

At present day, there is a huge demand for digital banking services that might be available 24/7 at any area via mobile phones. For the past couple of years, Ukrainian developers have actually produced a tone of multi-component banking applications for the world’s largest banks, including comfy UX/UI. These applications are based on cloud information and guarantee safe and secure encrypted peer-to-peer mobile connections. Some NFC systems do not oblige the user to expose the card information and are interconnected with different financial systems that enable immediate access to important business information.

Innovative technologies in Finance

Ukrainian software designers march in step with the technological progress and effectively carry out advanced innovations in different monetary jobs. With Robotic Process Automation, Maker Learning and AI, Ukrainian developers produce efficient billing- and declares processing systems, and automated loan application solutions. Furthermore, AI consisted of monetary services is now capable to use natural language processing and speech recognition, automate the entire communication and demand processing. The outsourced development projects consist of platforms that allow monetary organizations to individualize these procedures by utilizing chatbots to augment human conversations. These technologies are likewise efficiently executed to improve compliance with international requirements and policies.

Ukrainians are skilled in establishing effective company intelligence tools and predictive analytics solutions, which assist to enhance risk management, enhance user experience and make accurate business analytics possible for numerous customers from the banking and finance sector globally.

3. Telecom.

Common Network & & Technical Assistance

Another significant industry that sees Ukraine as its strategic outsourcing location is telecom. The most noteworthy companies that are outsourcing their tasks to Ukraine are Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, VEON, Vodafone, and BICS. Ukrainian engineers have actually mastered the telecommunication support systems and deliver robust telecom BSS and OSS services. They also carry out 24/7 monitoring and L1/L2/L3 support of business’ physical and virtual IT facilities and networks.

Device Learning & & AI in Telecom

Ukrainian developers have been enhancing the telecom services through the execution of RPA, Biometrics, Maker Learning, and AI. Telecom information is properly individualized, and by this, client churn is decreased, while the customer’s commitment boosts. Particular AI algorithms may forecast likely churn rates, recognize possible dangers and provide the information to the designers so they can take instant actions. The latter innovations also improve service intelligence, predictive upkeep, and analytics.

Ukrainian programmers also have strong proficiency in the advancement of AI chatbots that especially improve user experience in the telecom industry. Chatbots make the communication more fast and convenient, and allow the clients to have a precise record of their interaction with the company. Various kinds of questions, ranging from minimal to massive, could be effectively resolved with the aid of chatbots. Most importantly, such chatbots may be created to send out e-mails, determine important leads and send them to the team, which will double the job’s cost-efficiency and increase its earnings.

4. Production.

The production industry is quickly transforming, prompting entrepreneurs to embrace brand-new technologies. Modern automation platforms, developed by proficient Ukrainian developers, become instrumental for digital service change. Numerous effective manufacturing business that equal technological improvements outsource their software advancement tasks to Ukraine, such as Bosch, Siemens, Panasonic, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and LIEBHERR.

Embedded Advancement & & IoT

Electronic ingrained software application is a significant branch of IT solutions for the production industry, which is contracted out to Ukraine. First-rate producers confide the advancement of sophisticated embedded software options to the Ukrainian IT professionals. The scope of the ingrained software jobs is extremely flexible, ranging from machinery and electronic control systems to fabless semiconductor options.

Internet-of-Things combined with AI is another innovation currently changing the entire production market and accelerating Market 4.0 adoption. The sensing units are connected to physical possessions, gathering and keeping information, while utilizing AI to perform certain actions. The advancement of specifically Industrial Web of Things (IIoT) services is often outsourced to Ukraine, with the job spectrum consisting of production execution, inventory management, predictive upkeep, smart connected products, and the advancement of AI solutions.

Service Intelligence and Supply Chain Management

Currently, IT specialists in Ukraine develop a large range of different company intelligence services. The modernization of older systems and the transition to automated data management develop a massive competitive benefit for producers. Migration from legacy systems optimizes the work of internal IT department and develops an opportunity to utilize reliable service tools and applications, such as innovative analytical solutions. They provide exact forecasts, reporting, and practical data visualization.

Another important element of making business is an effective and secure supply chain management. Numerous concerns might occur if makers utilize conventional approaches to their supply chains, for example, product traceability, supply disturbances, and more. Manufacturers outsource their projects to Ukraine where IT professionals are developing transparent supply chains with exact efficiency analysis and accurate danger management. This also consists of the development of supply chain management systems based upon blockchain, which helps produce transparent and dependable ecosystems for the shipment procedure.

5. Software and Hi-Tech.

The lastly essential industry that works with Ukrainian designers is software application and high-tech. Ukrainian professionals use a broad spectrum of services that consist of software application development, task management, UX/UI design, quality assurance and control, DevOps, and tech assistance. The most prominent hi-tech companies that outsource their jobs to Ukraine are IBM, Oracle, SAP, Cisco Systems, Adobe, and Autodesk.


Ukrainian developers have profound expertise with advanced innovations like increased and virtual truth. The services developed by Ukrainian IT professionals include AR/VR cross-platform mobile and web applications, in addition to content for Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Amongst the most prominent tasks developed in Ukraine are the AR home interior viewing application and a VR car configurator.

Blockchain is another emerging technology actively established by Ukrainian designers. The blockchain-related services offered in Ukraine include the creation and maintenance of newly established cryptocurrencies, stock market and smart contracts applications, and various kinds of custom-made blockchain advancement. In Ukraine, blockchain experts deal with every popular system like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Strength, R3 Corda, IOTA, Monero, Peer Coin, Bit Shares, Stellar, Ripple, NXT, and lots of others. The most notable blockchain jobs developed by Ukrainian programmers are:

AI, ML and Computer System Vision

Leveraging expert system for specific market requirements is incredibly popular today. Great deals of tasks that consist of AI, Maker Knowing and Computer Vision are outsourced to Ukraine. Ukrainians have actually mastered sophisticated
analytics and predictions, social network data analysis and fraud detection technologies, natural language processing, voice acknowledgment, and neural networks. The most evident examples of Ukrainian AI startups are– Grammarly, an English grammar-checking program based on natural
language processing, and, an AI-based sales department management application.

Ukrainian designers have rich proficiency in dealing with IoT tasks based upon various procedures like MQTT, OPC-UA, Sigfox, and others. The proficiency of Ukrainian professionals includes outsourced projects for smart cities and clever homes, adaptive logistics, Market 4.0, healthcare services, and varied cybersecurity options, like encryption protocols for clever houses and healthcare devices.

In 2018, Ukraine was ranked as the leading outsourcing location of the year
by the Worldwide Sourcing Association (UK). At the very same time, IAOP named 18 Ukrainian IT business in their 2018 List of Leading 100 Outsourcing Companies. Ukrainian IT industry is skyrocketing and is anticipated to double by 2020. All this shows the notable success and experience of Ukrainian software developers who achieved terrific victories in vehicle, monetary, telecom, manufacturing and hi-tech tasks. The extensive experience of the designers, their best mindset and profitable service expenses continue to bring in services, making Ukraine an appealing contracting out location.

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