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IT Outsourcing As A COVID-19 Survival Technique

May you live in interesting times

IT outsourcing is barely a novel subject for conversation. Advances in technology have helped positive business, consisting of most of the Fortune-500, to delight in outsourcing services for rather some time now. But what was earlier a nice method to improve business processes and conserve money has actually now become for some a way of survival. Something unforeseen happened on March 11, 2020– the World Health Organization officially designated the novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

It seems that it does not shock anybody that the regular financial crises of the last decade have actually been the major factor to shape the financial landscape. Today, nevertheless, it’s the infection that took the program and ended up being the reason for the existing recession itself.

BTW, among the first diseases that considerably impacted U.S.A. economics was the Asiatic cholera pandemic that raved in New York in 1832, which has brought the city’s companies to a stop.

As the world is finding the “new normals” in every market and in every scenario, let’s take a look at COVID-19’s influence on the IT market and IT outsourcing in particular. We’ll also cover what assists Shakuro company deal with the impact of the crisis and remain a dependable partner for our clients.

An overview of outsourcing in the IT market

A contracting out business like is one whose objective is to supply specific niche services for off-shore partners. Services from start-ups to business use this kind of help to capitalize on our capability to supply quality services at lower rates.

According to investigates conducted by and , 37% of UK business plan to outsource IT jobs while 32% are considering doing it with marketing.

The primary appealing aspect of utilizing outsourcing services is the capability to use the market of specialists based in other countries with lower expense levels. For example, while web or app development expenses have to do with $35-50/ hour in Eastern Europe, they can go up to $150/hour in the USA.

Organizations have the ability to discover experts they do not have in their country, saving cash and resources and transferring them rather to other locations of company and focusing on the business’s core tasks.

To stay competitive, outsourcing companies are constantly at the forefront of their industry, utilizing imaginative approaches and innovative services regularly.

Outsourcing enables small companies to take on larger business due to the greater accessibility of IT resources and services.

The main drawback of using outsourced services has always been lessened control over the remote group efficiency. The most frequent factors for managers to be reluctant about outsourcing are time zones discrepancies, problems with language, and culture. All in all, it looks like the list of downsides is rather small in magnitude in contrast with the benefits. You can discover a more comprehensive pro-and-against analysis in our short article about .

Outsource App Advancement by Addevice

IT outsourcing and the impacts of COVID-19

Contrary to many other markets like logistics or retail and thanks to the nature of its organization, the IT market hasn’t borne the brunt of coronavirus, like the failure of complimentary travel, for example. What’s more, the absolute majority of IT services can be rendered from another location, using video conferencing and chats as a mode of communication. Moreover, in contrast to standard outsourcing which has to do with producing and moving physical products, it happened so that the BPO (Organization Process Outsourcing) market was set just right to deal with the pandemic measures.

You can hardly state that those who offer and make usage of IT services haven’t felt a thing.

Prevention pointers for employers and employees by Agnieszka

Mental impacts

IT or no IT, the unexpected duration when everybody who might work remotely was asked to do so, was a stressful time for many company owner, managers, and staff members whose usual policy was to work “on-premise”, so to speak. Not surprising that remote work guides began turning up like mushrooms around March. By the way, we have , go inspect it out. It’s difficult to know all the techniques and you make sure to learn something valuable there.

Stressed-out managers dealt with the need to find new working approaches to control their coworkers’ performance and handle the potential reduced performance. Organizations now need to reconsider their ways to handle their employees and embrace more active approaches. Still, half a year into the pandemic and associated working culture changes, it seems that even supervisors reluctant or hesitant to handle remote working policy in the previous found out that in the majority of cases it doesn’t require any substantial decrease of effectiveness.

Upwork found out that over half of managers believe working from another location during the pandemic has gone .


Paradoxically, among the pandemic’s extra silver linings is that outsourcing can also suggest less tension for business leaders over worker turnover or potential layoffs.

Technological results

Apart from the mental aspects, there are some digital challenges every company has to face to deal with the pandemics. The work-from-home norm developed a new dependence on technology. Industries have actually discovered themselves plunged into the online world, even ones that relied in the past on the pen-and-paper technique.

If previously a company’s security efforts were typically focused on providing physical security (to put it simply, physical access to the building), now the attention is primarily paid to details and information security. Every concern with security now increased in size and postures a serious issue to privacy. That’s why hiring a third-party that specializes in outsourced IT services and thus has an exceptionally higher experience in data security is not only a clever relocation however one of today’s essentials.

There’s also the increased cloud migration. Thanks to cloud technology, important data is saved in a central area, available to all licensed users, regardless of their specific location. Very practical nowadays. To name a few things that clouds offer to companies is the speed of facilities release. You don’t require to negotiate with the vendor, settle on specs, await deliveries from abroad, which might be delayed, especially in present times.

Cloud Data Stevan Rodic

Robotic procedure automation, software application bots, automation, artificial intelligence, and other disruptive technologies are becoming common and taking control of the world. It is anticipated that the outsourcing market will likewise be impacted by this and new digital approaches will emerge.

Our experience of working amidst the pandemic

Shakuro’s clients constantly valued not only the technical knowledge of our engineers and designers however the capability of our job supervisors to be in charge of jobs and item management, especially in an unstable time of the pandemic. Our managers use a decade of experience, finest practices, and approaches to motivate employees consisting of the remote ones, and carry out communications. Take a look at , for example:

We do what we can. No one understands when the pandemic will be over, but even throughout the time of unpredictability (or perhaps since of it!), we do our best from another location and carefully keep track of the quality of the solutions we provide to our clients.

We communicate frequently. There is never ever sufficient communication, especially in a remote group. Routine interaction sets a clear rhythm for work and allows you to concentrate on the goals of the project and not lose viewpoint.

We focus on objectives and functions. It is necessary to make sure everyone understands what the objectives of a project are, how functions are assigned, and how each employee adds to its success. Clarifying functions assists us understand which colleagues we can rely on for help or consultation.

We value commitment and difficult work. Shakuro is made from people– designers, designers, QA engineers, and more. The method we make every effort in pursuit of our objectives is specifically important in these difficult times.

< img class=“aligncenter size-full wp-image-5341″src=””alt=””width=”428″ height=”229″srcset= “ 428w,×161.png 300w,×214.png 400w” sizes =”( max-width: 428px) 100vw, 428px “> As for recruiting, we saw that many IT business like us have been experiencing difficulties following their customers from the affected industries. As you can understand, the well-being of an outsourcing company depends on the well-being of business around the world that may make use of its services. We were lucky adequate to keep most of our jobs and continue operating in a typical capacity. We even used this duration to enrich the business with some extremely qualified employees.

6 Tips for the Remote Agile Group by carol anne solberger

What remains in the future

Contracting out provider look especially appealing in times when businesses and countries deal with the gravest obstacles. The Y2K problem in the 1990s was the factor for the very first wave of IT outsourcing. The second one followed the 2008 financial crash. The COVID-19 pandemic might be a thing to start the third wave.

The COVID-19 crisis is still establishing. Bringing more efficiency to the everyday workflow while also scaling performance, will become the focus of lots of services in the future. Businesses today have the opportunity to adjust and enhance their . This way they are most likely to be more powerful and more ready for the next unprecedented occasion.

Among other findings made by Opinium and LiveArea, nearly 28% of UK companies desire to contract out at least one location due to the fact that of the coronavirus crisis.

What we learned from the worldwide situation with the pandemic, is that the IT industry we understood the other day will never be the very same. Twitter has told its staff members they can continue to work from home completely. Other big tech companies like Google and Facebook have said they will operate at around 30% of main capability, with the majority of employees allowed to work from home for the foreseeable future. The findings made by Upwork :


Technavio market research study company claims that the IT outsourcing market is to grow by throughout 2020-2024, with a CAGR of practically 5%.


Taking it all into consideration, it is expected that there will be more moving far from the more conventional single-source method to the more varied multi-source one with professionals living in various countries all over the world. In addition to the increased and sustained demand for outsourced services. The future of work was always heading in a remote instructions. COVID-19 has just accelerated the process, condensing what was expected to take place during the years into a handful of months.

According to a recent report by , 45% of businesses will need to outsource more than they will insource over the coming 18 months.

In conclusion

To stay afloat and revenue in the current altering situation company owners need to be open to new ways to manage expenses and boost organization effectiveness. As you are managing the impact of COVID-19, it’s time to focus on your main goals and what only you can do by laying off a few of the jobs to an outsourced partner. Business must reconsider their organizations and invest in versatility and resilience. Cutting on IT services while keeping the quality level might be specifically what your service requires to survive for another quarter till the crisis is over and you could lastly be able to discharge a sigh of relief.

Do you have design, web, or app advancement tasks to outsource? Contact our company for more information about our services and discuss your job.

By the method, we at Shakuro have a design that is called a that can be a truly efficient way to deal with your project. By combining the best of our teams, we can reach the finest results. No matter the industry, your group can scale its capability with more competent IT experts who are all set to achieve your business’s goals. Now it’s more vital than ever to end up being one big group.

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