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Hiring tech talents in Ukraine: Six things to consider for European companies | IT Outsourcing Review: Ukraine

Hiring tech talents in Ukraine has never been in high demand as much as it is today. More businesses in Europe spend as much as they can afford and even more to find and onboard talented developers from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, and other cities in Ukraine. But the problem is that often European employers know little about how to hire developers in Ukraine, so they complain about how difficult offshore hiring is.

What’s interesting is, European companies that allow working with remote contractors demonstrate a 25% lower turnover rate compared to those having in-office employees. With remote work, not only will the contractors be happier and healthier, but your company will benefit as well. According to PGi, companies with offshore IT teams can save up to $10,000 per contractor. Isn’t that amazing?

The challenges of tech talent search

However, finding the right tech talents turns out to be challenging for European companies. It’s because of the high demand for tech professionals and lack of expertise in the growing industries such as Medtech, Fintech, eCommerce, Automotive, and more.

Another reason is too long interviews. For IT recruiters in Europe, interviewing is traditionally the most difficult and time-consuming process to get right because they have to stick to a list of consistent questions (mainly about past experience and job performance) that predict a couple of good hires among a great bunch of candidates. Just asking whatever comes to mind on the fly is next to useless. They have to shorten and optimize the hiring process to make things happen faster.

The amount of time tech staff recruiters usually spend on the interviewing process takes from several weeks to months. According to Glassdoor, the global average time-to-hire was 23.7 days in 2019 across 27 countries, with the shortest interview process in India (16.1 days) and the longest one in Brazil (39.6 days). In Ukraine, it took 26.3 days on average to get a new tech hire, which is 3.4 days longer than the global average.

With this idea in mind, European companies are exploring the options of hiring remote developers in Ukraine. Studies show that full-stack developers are the leaders in being hired to work remotely by 48%. The Pie chart demonstrated the top remote tech positions in 2019.

Requests per IT role 2019Image source:

SkillValue, an IT staff assessment platform, made a report based on 550+ technical assessments to help you find the best programmers in Europe. According to their findings, the most skilled and affordable developers can be hired in the following four countries:

Ukraine has demonstrated significant growth in the IT workforce recently. Gartner mentions Ukraine seven years in a row on the top-30 offshoring locations for Europe and North America. It isn’t only because of the affordable and quality IT professionals, but also about the use of emerging technologies like Python for AI and machine learning algorithms. Check out the statistics below to find out why you should hire undiscovered talent from Ukraine.

Image source:

Why hire Ukrainian tech talents

Once you have reviewed all the details mentioned about Ukraine, it’s time to get an insight into all the benefits of hiring Ukrainian tech talent. Other than being recognized for quality software development, Ukrainian IT professionals will offer you affordable services.

1. Engineering expertise

The Ukrainian software outsourcing industry offers developers, QA specialists, UI/UX designers as well as tech managers. Also, Ukraine software outsourcing has the highest rankings, according to Colliers International, Outsourcing Journal, CEEOA, etc.

According to StackOverflow, Ukraine has over 150,000 outsourcing programmers. However, despite the significant number, their level of expertise also has to be mentioned. Ukrainian engineers have experience with advanced technologies and products. Some of the programming languages that Ukrainian devs are experts in are HTML, CSS, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET Swift, and Perl.

2. Rates within your budget

The reasonable and affordable prices of Ukrainian developers make them very attractive to European companies. For instance, in Ukraine, you can find a higher-quality talent for a lower rate than in neighboring countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic.

3. Excellency in English

The level of English that Ukrainian software developers use is intermediate or upper-intermediate. Therefore, their communication with clients or customers will be fluent. You won’t have to worry about miscommunication due to a language barrier.

4. Convenient options

Did you know that if a foreign company hires Ukrainian software developers, they don’t have to pay VAT? The government has made things easier, just so this type of collaboration is encouraged. Also, if you are a foreign company owner or representative, you can travel to Ukraine without a visa and stay up to 90 days.

5. Strong work ethic

Ukrainian IT companies are known for their strong work ethics and putting their clients first. Challenging tasks are only a way for Ukrainian developers to show their expertise. In addition to the quality, meeting deadlines is an indicator of their professional ability to deliver right on time.

6. Convenient time zone

Ukraine is an excellent destination for both nearshoring and offshoring outsourcing. And it’s all because of the suitable time zone Ukraine has. Compared to most European countries, Ukraine is around two hours ahead. Ukraine is also an excellent option for offshoring because of the nine-hour difference with North America. It makes Ukraine more popular than the most popular outsourcing hubs – India and the Philippines.

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