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A new report by ASPER BROTHERS on practical solutions in the challenges of IT outsourcing in times of pandemic.

This report is about how a good, trusting relationship with people can help remote team work to the next level. As soon as you build trust and focus on what’s really important in times of pandemic, you’ll be on your way, said Mike Jackowski and Pawel Jackowski, ASPER BROTHERS’ founders.

According to Statista, overall global spending on IT services in 2020 will r each 1.1 trillion dollars, and software outsourcing will become a steadily growing piece of that pie. However, Statista made these estimates before the pandemic, so it will likely increase significantly. Working with international clients every day, ASPER BROTHERS are no strangers to the daily challenges of IT outsourcing faced by both sides of the process. Seeing how many of these challenges tend to recur, and how relatively easy it is to get (at least some of them) out of the way of successful projects, they decided to write it all in a helpful guide for tech leaders worldwide. But they didn’t want to rely on just their experience. They surveyed dozens of CTOs from Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia in Q4 2019, and the respondents represented both small businesses (of up to 10 employees) and big enterprises with several thousand employees in different industries.

The report will tell you, among other things, what daily challenges tech leaders who outsource software development face all over the world and what helpful tools and methods they use to overcome them. Our founders will explain to you for example why communication between teams is so important and how to improve it.

It also contains practical tips to make life easier for your in-house team and your software partner and the real cost of outsourcing software development.

Main conclusions from the report:

As has been said above, the pandemic has significantly influenced IT outsourcing’s growth, becoming an important sector for many companies. ASPER BROTHERS are continually developing new data and assuming guidance from CTOs worldwide on how to deal with the pandemic and what tools to use to improve remote working. They will announce the results soon.

You can find the full report here:


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