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IT Outsourcing Trends in 2020

As technology advances day by day, our lives changes and the need for IT professionals keep arising leading to a rise in economy. Managers of big IT companies find it challenging to recruit and add top-rated IT specialists to work within their organization.

This has made many organizations engage in IT outsourcing trends to better off their companies. The main reason why a company gets into outsourcing is due to lack of competent workers and the growing workload when the company expands leading to increased duties.

Another reason why the company sought IT outsourcing trends is due to the expanding economy that leads to emerging of new companies. Research analysis shows that come the year 2020, companies that need to succeed must go hand in hand with the ever-changing IT outsourcing trends.

Basically, the need for teamwork between enterprises and outsourced developers will be of great importance come 2020.

As big companies enjoy and embrace the goodness of outsourcing, discussions about how long it will be stable keep arising, and that is why in this article we will review some of the emerging trends.

Although there are critics who think that outsourcing has low prospects of innovation, poor quality control, and poor project management, the fact is that IT outsourcing will keep growing due to emerging trends put in place to sustain it.

Below are The IT Outsourcing Trends for 2020


Come 2020; it is believed that almost 90% of respondents have
a strong belief that service providers and buyers will engage in contract
signing based on the value and outcomes. To add on that, 69% of the respondents
believe that outsourcing service providers as system integrators will involve
sharing risks involved with the clients. 31% thought that outsourcing providers
would bear all the risks on their own.

Teamwork and Competition


Since the contracts will be based more on results and that the collaborators will be sharing risks willingly in 2020, it only shows that outsourcing companies will turn into a large service integrators.

With the above outsourcing trends, you may wonder how the risk is shared, the limit you have and if you can split it, and both your reputations. Well, it is obvious that no one wishes to risk much. The only solution is an open dialogue with your partner. Such trends are the ones that will bring out more competition. Big companies will start the search for big deals as they promise great solutions.

Great Service Delivery

Many business personnel view procurement as a vital section of
contracting. In the year 2020, the notifications length and period for
contracts and will be shorter than they are currently. This trend leads to more
collaboration among all parties involved.

Improved Motivations

Outsourcings Service providers and outsourcing clients when asked the reasons for outsourcing, 23% suggests that the trend improves the customer experience while 35% said the living cost is of great importance.

In the year 2020, improved IT outsourcing will emerge as the number of people willing to engage in the business increases. All this is due to improved innovations and reduced cost of living which motivates upcoming IT specialists.

One primary reason why companies are transforming is due to the fact that outsourcing companies are experiencing changes every other day. As time moves, performance status, quality service delivery also changes. Service providers are then forced to stay ahead of the game by providing excellent solutions and not negative results.

Most buyers are unsatisfied with the outsourcing deals due to lack of innovation of ideas, lack of flexibility, and failure of following emerging trends in the IT sector. That is why organizations involved in outsourcing have to wake up and work on current trends to satisfy their customer experience.

When the emerging trends are dealt with immediate effect, they build a strong relationship with customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Multi-Vendor Trend


As the customer requirements keep changing, the more it
becomes hard to satisfy their needs and requirements with only one outsourcing
company. Due to this trend, the year 2020 will bring more interaction among
different contractors to make the work easier. 
Delegation of tasks will be useful like when making a mobile app, tasks
like coding, design development, and content creation can be given to 3
distinct companies.

Price Is No Longer a Key Factor

Activities involved in outsourcing has taken a different
dynamic with different requirements. This trend has made the parties involved
to concentrate more on the process itself and the people involved rather than
the price tag to be sure about the future. The current IT world needs top
skills with making quick decisions and finding solutions fast and easy.


In the world of IT today, specialists are supposed to be
up-to-date with the changing technology to fulfil all the customer needs. When
in connection with new technology, the clients will always stand out to be the
priority in every aspect of IT world. The art of risk-sharing always leads to
fantastic partnership and massive success in outsourcing.

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