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6 Reasons Why IT outsourcing in Ukraine is a Great Investment for Norwegian Companies

A major aspect of Ukraine on an international level today is their prosperous IT sector and the business environment. The country owes its popularity to IT outsourcing, which has made it the destination of choice for many Norwegian companies wanting to save money on development expenses while at the same time receive quality technical assistance.

  •  Experienced IT professionals
    There are approximately 170+K software engineers that work in Ukraines’ IT sector according to statistical sources. Almost half of them are employed by IT Outsourcing companies which is quickly followed by Product companies.
  •  Solid education base
    Most Ukrainian universities have long provided strong theoretical and practical foundations that have allowed Ukrainian developers to be more open-minded and ready to conceptualize innovative ideas when working in Ukrainian IT companies. Approximately 150 universities are scheduled to graduate tech talent across every region of Ukraine and produce another 23K technical graduates per year for the IT industry in Ukraine as a whole.
  •  Work with the popular programming languages
    Based on the data represented by our HR Department, the following programming languages are most popular among Ukrainian software engineers: JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP, and C++. The next popular are TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Ruby, Go, 1C, C, and Scala.
  •  Advanced English skills
    Ukraine has made it much easier to build reliable cooperative partnerships with offshore development teams from within Ukraine due to the ease of language compatibility, primarily English. Most software developers are proficient in English on the Upper-Intermediate level and can communicate easily.
  •  International R&D Centers
    Ukraine has attracted international IT companies with talented and skilled personnel. A great many recognizable giants, such as Huawei, Snapchat, Siemens, Oracle, Samsung, etc. have R&D centers here for instance.

Where to look for IT services providers in Ukraine?
If you are scouting for a Ukrainian IT outsourcing company we recommend you do proper research first. There is a list of B2B platforms that can provide detailed information related to IT companies, their clients and case studies. We have highlighted the most reliable platforms below:

  • NUCC

Companies on such platforms are categorized by industry, type of services, project scale, and much more. You can have confidence in the reliability of the company reviews published on these sites. For example, as a failsafe requirement Clutch requires a user’s authorization from their LinkedIn account before they can leave a review. So, companies are unable to provide feedback on behalf of their clients.

What to pay attention when choosing an IT outsourcing partner?
Pay particular attention to the development expertise of the company. Acquired experience in developing software solutions appropriate to your business needs will be an advantage for candidates. This experience will make the development of your project faster, lower-cost, and eliminate probable pitfalls.

We also suggest you pay specific attention to the company’s experience in developing high-loaded systems. This characterizes the development team as ready to collaborate with to engage and develop your challenging projects. Depending on your business needs, experience in developing MVPs could also play an important role but that is the subject of a different conversation.

Sofia Khitraya,

Marketing manager at Axon.

Axon is a software development company that specializes in creating turnkey software solutions by providing full-cycle software development services of any complexity

Thank you to Axon and Sofia Khitraya for guest-authoring our blog. For inquiries related to outsourcing to Ukraine or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our project manager Nataliya Sjøvoll at [email protected] .


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