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How an IT Outsourcing Team Will Grow Your Business

Outsourcing software development has gained extreme popularity in the last few years. Businesses all around the globe are actively hiring remote software development teams.

In this article, we define the main reasons for employing an outsourcing team and what advantages it brings to your company.

Why do companies hire outsourcing IT developers for a project?

Imagine yourself being a department head in a software development company, and things aren’t going great. There are many limiting regulations —the main one being time. When spending most of your time on budget management, operational, and other tasks of secondary importance, there is almost no time left to spend on crucial things, such as business development.

Sound familiar to you? Do you feel that you could have done much more for your company, but you just didn’t have time? Do you lack the budget to hire more staff to delegate? You are not the only one who has faced such problems. Thousands of executives deal with the same issues. And the best solution is to get help from external experts. They employ outsourcing development teams.

5 Reasons to Hire an Outsourcing Team for Business

● Focusing on the main tasks

The most significant advantage that outsourcing brings to a company is saving time. The larger your company is, the more responsibilities you have. In some cases, you are so overwhelmed with secondary tasks that you don’t have the time or energy for the main one – growing your business. IT outsourcing is also extremely helpful for small businesses that want to grow.

The majority of outsourcing companies have years of experience in mobile application development. Their remote programmers have worked for various IT projects and know how to provide top-notch quality services. They can take the load off your mind, as you will know that professional web developers are handling things. You will finally have the time and resources to dedicate to your company’s growth.

● Saving money

Hiring an outsourcing team for business can significantly reduce the cost of web app development. Employing internal staff can lead to additional and sometimes unnecessary expenses.  As the salaries in many countries are different, you can save millions. For instance, some companies in the USA or the United Kingdom don’t want to overpay and hire workers from their countries. They look for professional coders in Eastern Europe, particularly in Ukraine. ThManympanies in Ukraine provide outsourcing services, such as , which costs significantly less than hiring in-house staff. As a result, they receive the same high-quality services but for lower prices.

● Speed

If you want to present your product in the market as soon as possible, hiring an outsource development team for a startup is a great idea. The remote specialists are occupied only with development, so they can finish much faster than internal staff. It is even more beneficial if you outsource multiple processes. Another advantage is flexible working hours. They can work as much as possible to keep up with the shortest deadlines.

●  Qualified specialists

When you start your business, you can perform all the roles you need and manage everything yourself. Your skills may be enough at the business stage, but the bigger your company grows, the more expertise is required. Instead of learning how to be an accountant, a sales manager, a web app developer, etc., it is better to hire professionals. Teaching your staff is also a costly and time-consuming process. Experienced specialists will deliver excellent quality services for you in the shortest time – no training necessary.

● Cutting-edge technologies

By outsourcing, you access cutting-edge, popular technologies that you may not even be aware of. Outsourcing teams implement the latest strategies, which perfectly fit your company’s individual needs and customer requirements. They can take on any type of project, resulting in lower risk and higher income. Outsourcing enables creating an expert team in the shortest time and for the best price.

What processes should you outsource?

Mainly the development of software products involving the following stages:

  1. Organization
  2. Management
  3. Development and designing
  4. Testing

Outsourcing is the most efficient when it comes to software testing and development. These processes focus on execution and are easier to manage. And since testing and development typically take the most time in the development cycle, their outsourcing is incredibly beneficial.

When it comes to management and organization, they require a closer connection. It’s not always possible to reach a high level of interaction with outsourcing teams.

When to start outsourcing?

The company should start outsourcing when the market demands are already determined. Outsourcing can be implemented at the beginning of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, but it is quite risky. At this stage, the company is concentrated on advertising and financial issues and lacks time to manage a remote team. Outsourcing is much easier if you know what you want to develop, clearly realize your needs, and are interested in quick and high-quality product development. A suitable variant is to combine the work of external and in-house teams. For instance, you can use the in-house staff for organization and management tasks and the outsourcing team for testing and development processes, such as bug fixing and adding new features. This model is perfect as it allows making the most use of both teams while not overwhelming them with tasks.

How to outsource?

To make outsourcing even more beneficial, it is not enough to hire a reliable and experienced specialist. We provide a few pieces of advice on how to manage this process:

  1. Have regular face-to-face meetings with the team.
  2. Be personally involved through constant communication with the team leader.
  3. Give clear instructions and provide honest feedback about the results.
  4. Set regular management meetings.
  5. Think of the outsourcing team as a part of your business.

These tips will help you get the best possible result from your remote employees.

In conclusion

If you want to boost your company’s effectiveness for a low cost, employing a remote team is a great solution. There are many reasons why it will be beneficial for you, such as expert help, new technologies, and cost-effectiveness. But to make the outsourcing development team and business work best, you need to consider many issues. They include the processes you want to outsource, the company you select, and how you manage your external staff. But in general, it is a great and universal solution for business development for most companies.

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