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Why the US outsource software advancement to Ukraine: 5 main reasons|IT Outsourcing Evaluation: Ukraine

What do you learn about the USA? Well, we can securely say that this nation is constantly trying to get the lead in all developments. They create high-quality hardware, software application, robotics, and other numerous technologies. When it comes to software, US can boast about a strong IT field where such companies like Google and Apple inhabit this specific niche and supply users from all over the world with premium mobile operating systems and a series of other tools. United States also thinks about the question of software advancement outsourcing to other nations. Ukraine is among the countries that meet all requirements of US consumers. Let’s see main reason that the United States chose Ukraine.

Giant world companies do company in Ukraine

Ukraine became business place for many big business that outsource software application advancement to Ukraine. Intel, eBay, Nokia, Apple and other giants order the development of new software from Ukrainian programmers. In addition, Ukrainian programming experts are thought about to be top quality masters of their craft. United States business open their branches in Ukraine and employ local developers. Fantastic prospective and serious set of skills are one of the factors why Ukraine is an excellent nation to work with.

Ukrainian software application engineers are participated in the advancement of IT options both for the domestic market and for foreign market as well. It is worth pointing out that US contract out to Ukraine practically 80% of IT tasks. Figures inform for themselves. It makes it possible for Ukrainian specialists to use and learn all brand-new technologies and tools. Thus, it increases the quality level of the development.

Exceptional jobs from Ukraine

This country in Eastern Europe can provide you with not just outstanding executors but likewise produce something distinct and really crowd-pleasing. The list of the following startups will show it.

Looksery startup from Ukrainian developer permits users to modify videos and images in a real-time mode. This job acquired a great popularity among users and Snapchat acquired it in a while. A lots of Ukrainian designers along with developers from other nations keep on do their finest to enhance this service.

Increased Pixels. Utilizing it, you can produce remarkable VR and AR effects. In addition, this platform even lets you create VR video games. As an outcome, this task ended up being the part of Silicon Valley considering that it gained excellent appeal.

Well, this list is far from being complete. All Ukrainian win-win startups can end up being the part of a different article. As you can see, Ukraine is the country that has got skilled software application engineers and cooperation with United States business is the evidence to it.

Ukrainian laws are faithful towards foreign customers

The Ukrainian federal government has simplified the process of business cooperation in between foreign and native IT business. It made it possible for both parties feel safeguarded and work quickly and fruitfully.

High tech skills

Ukrainian universities have really strong education basis and every year countless high-skilled graduates in the technical field are ready to develop new IT solutions for foreign markets. Good legislation and simplified taxation facilitate this process.

That, Ukraine is the nation where all language barriers are being nipped in the bud. We can securely state that majority of IT companies pay a great deal of attention to the English language finding out to make it possible for programmers to converse with foreign customers without any problems.

So about 45% of Ukrainian software application designers can speak English with complete confidence, and almost 40% have an intermediate level of English.

For today, the number of software application designers in Ukraine comes to 100,000. And this number is increasing by 20% every year.

Optimal advancement expense

As we stated above, IT specialists have great tax from federal government and they need to pay just 5% tax on their income.

It deserves mentioning that specialists say that outsource app development cost in Ukraine is rather low amongst other European countries, however the quality is very high. That is the last but not the least reason why Ukrainian IT experts are in high need in the US. The development expense in the U.S.A. is much higher than that a person of Ukraine, so why pay more? All the more so the Ukrainian quality doesn’t offer in to US software application development quality.

Hence, Ukrainian developer has $30 – $50 per hour rate, whereas United States developers get $120 – $170 per hour rate.

So, it depends on you. No one will make you change your mind, however if you are looking for top-notch software designers and acceptable price – pay your attention to Ukraine where gifted professionals are constantly at your disposal. Your item will get an appealing item that will help your business grow and get profit.

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