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Prospective of IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh – A Total Situation in 2019

Bangladeshi economy is going to change significantly due to stepping into the digital economy in the coming years. There’s a substantial worldwide market for IT outsourcing and Bangladesh has already become the second-largest supplier of the online service provider, according to the Oxford Web Institute (OII). There are 500,000 active freelancers who are working regularly, out of 650,000 registered freelancers in the country. These active freelancers are generating $100 million yearly, according to the Bangladesh ICT Division.

We are second to India however serving 16% of the worldwide market at this moment in time. Lots of countries now are focusing on different sectors of freelancing services. Innovation and software advancement is dominated by Indian freelancers, while Bangladesh is the top provider of sales and marketing support services however IT outsourcing is also there. And IT outsourcing/ Bangladeshi software application development industry is likewise stepping up to contend and grow even far in the worldwide competitors.

While freelancing is a buzzword in Bangladesh, there is a small distinction in outsourcing & & Freelancing. Let me attempt to enlighten you with my small understanding about these two terms-

Outsourcing for any business practice includes contracting with another business to do some of the business’s work in order to lower costs, enhance performance and gain time.

Whereas freelance is an alternative for both employer and staff member to get linked for a smaller sized scope of work. Here, a freelancer works as an independent worker and have no hard and fast commitment for doing the work. If a freelancer does his/her job well he/she makes money otherwise there is no fortune there for him/her.

Online Work Opportunities(Source: Online Labor Index– University of Oxford) Now let me share Why companies outsource? The 2 main factors I

have seen that organizations choose to contract out are Also, some other reasons exist to affect their choice for outsourcing, like-

But current research has revealed a shift in industry thinking. And now services think about contracting out for not just to conserve cash anymore. Rather it’s being seen as a vital tool in development and a chance for future development.

So next question comes,

What are the Industries that are Contracting out?

I would say based upon my research and experience I have actually seen Consumer & & Industrial Products Industry, Financial Services Industry, Health Care & & Pharmaceutical Market, and Technology, Media & & Telecomm Industries are the ones those outsource a lot. However there are likewise Realty, Facilities Management and Procurement market in which outsourcing need has been grown considerably. Possible of Bangladesh in IT Outsourcing< img loading="lazy"width

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> IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh at a Glance Because International Enterprises have actually adopted contracting out for rather a long time now, the Worldwide Outsourcing Market has become rather competitive in regards to providing IT outsourcing services for the IT outsourcing business around the globe.Last few years Bangladesh has actually revealed extraordinary development in regards to selling online services. Also, the Dream of Digital Bangladesh has actually made Bangladeshi Govt. to take some terrific efforts for enabling regional IT business and freelancers with numerous types of training. Govt. has assisted business by welcoming foreign countries to check out the IT outsourcing market in Bangladesh. IT Companies have been taking part in international IT exhibitions representing Bangladesh in the worldwide market.

Now IT companies in Bangladesh are offering services like-

And as the Oxford research study showed 16% of the Worldwide demand for outsourcing work is satisfied by Bangladesh which makes us 2nd in the competitors. Of all the digital employees out there, 22% are dedicatedly working in software application advancement and innovation alone. Netherlands, Germany, Japan have actually already been taking IT services from Bangladesh for rather a while, few foreign IT companies have their offices too in Bangladesh and many are trying to set up an overseas development center here. Now, Bangladesh definitely can declare to be an essential location for international IT investment and IT contracting out thinking about the big presence of youth, a growing English-speaking population, and competitive expense for proficient resources.

On September 8 2014, a top-level trade delegation from the Netherlands represented different sectors consisting of Details and Communication Innovation, food security, logistics, technology, waste management, water management and shipping. Where the delegates from the Netherlands wanted to make Bangladesh a hub for their IT outsourcing, apart from extending technological assistance and partnership in the locations of flood and water management. And ever since Bangladesh has been serving Netherlands with IT outsourcing services.

Let me share an interview of Willem Hoekstra, Chairman of Atos Structure (Netherlands) over outsourcing in Bangladesh-

“Bangladesh” A five-billion-dollar dream

For the German market as well Bangladesh is using IT Outsourcing, Offshore IT Advancement & & IT Consultancy services. Since the German market is highly delicate about the quality, therefore, to fulfill the German quality IT business have to show their standard and international case research studies prior to getting trust.

Wish to get linked with our German partner!.?. !? Reach Matthias or Me!

Brain Station has actually been going strong in the German market. If you need to know about those case study, ping us anytime!

.?.!! In the previous few years, Japan has actually also turned into one of the good markets for Bangladesh for IT Outsourcing. Lots of Japanese companies have opened their offshore development center in Bangladesh and many business have actually done a partnership with Japanese companies for IT Outsourcing.

We can happily declare that Bangladesh is a country of substantial potential in terms of IT outsourcing and IT investments. Government’s effort promoting ‘Digital Bangladesh’ among individuals, specifically the youth have taken the possible opportunities in this industry even more ahead. And now is the time IT Outsourcing is bringing us a reputable amount of revenue which we are wishing to increase often times in the coming years!

What is your opinion about the blog site? Let us know your ideas about IT Outsourcing in Bangladesh. Likewise, you can reach me anytime to go over any outsourcing issues you are having.

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